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"Bindon" Synopsis


  Born to a poor, Irish-immigrant family in London during the war, Bindon rapidly gains a reputation as an outstanding physical specimen, attracting female attentions and male admiration from a very young age. In and out of borstal and prison throughout his teenage years, he eventually becomes a highly feared enforcer for The Krays.

 Through an introduction from a mutual friend, Ken Loach employs him as an actor for his film "Poor Cow", and suddenly a new life opens up to Bindon, but in parallel to rather than instead of his old life. Now a media figure, especially after receiving an award for bravery for trying to save a drowning man in the Thames, his film career takes in some of the classics of British cinema, including "Performance", "Get Carter" and "Quadraphenia".

 He begins a relationship with the love of his life, Vicki Hodge, a model and the daughter of a baronet, and for the first and only time, meets his match.

 His exotic, dangerous air leads him to be welcomed into the circles of Mick Jagger and David Bowie. The highlight of any party was his ability to thread 5 beer mugs down the length of his 12in penis. A visit to Mustique leads to an affair with Princess Margaret, which terrifies the Establishment.

 Throughout this time, however, his life as a gangster has continued uninterrupted. The pubs of the King's Road are forced to accept his personal "protection". During a break in filming "Get Carter" he severs a man's arm. His reputation as an actor suffers as his antics begin to add huge costs to filming, and he is fired from a movie for fighting. His life has come to mirror that of Chas in "Performance". Estranged from his criminal origins, he is kept as an amusing sexual pet by rock stars. For the first time, Bindon has lost control of his life. In his frustration, he beats a film director, and then his love, Vicki.

 Now bankrupt and abandoned, he becomes the Head of Security for the 1977 Led Zeppelin tour of the USA, but, again, his temper, drinking and drug use are too much, even for them.

 A year later he almost dies in a fight in a bar. Killing his assailant, he escapes to Ireland with three deep stab wounds to his heart, two to his testicles and a cut throat. He miraculously lives, only to be put on trial for murder. He is finally acquitted, but now at the age of 35 and notorious, any hope of reviving careers in acting or villainy is over. He ends his days on the dole and addicted to heroin, leading to his death from AIDS at the age of 50 in 1994.

 The film includes appearances from Princess Margaret, Richard Harris, Mick Jagger, Stanley Kubrick, Peter Grant, James Fox, Bob Hoskins, Paul McCartney, Nic Roeg, David Bowie, Lionel Bart, The Krays, Ken Loach, Frank "Mad Axe-Man" Mitchell and Bob Dylan.